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Setting up a business in South Africa - Private Company ((PTY) Limited) South Africa

The PRIVATE COMPANY ((PTY) LIMITED) SOUTH AFRICA is treated by law as a separate legal entity and has to register as a tax payer in its own right. It has a separate life from its owners and is required by the Companies Act No 61 of 1973 to perform rights and duties of its own. The owners of a private company are shareholders. A company may not have an interest in a close corporation. The Act restricts the number of shareholders in a private company to a maximum number of 50. The rights and obligations of the shareholders viz a viz each other and viz a viz the company is set out in a shareholders agreement. The name of a private company must end with the words '(Proprietary) Limited' or '(Pty) Ltd'.


  • Life span is perpetual;
  • Shareholders have limited liability;
  • Act imposes personal liability on directors who are knowingly part of the carrying on of the business in a reckless or fraudulent manner;
  • Ease of transfer of ownership;
  • Easier to raise capital;
  • Efficiency of management;
  • Adaptable to both small and large businesses;
  • Not required to file their annual financial statements with the Registrar of Companies, thus, they are not available to the general public.


  • Subject to many legal requirements;
  • Difficult and expensive to establish compared to Close Corporations and Sole Proprietorship;
  • A private company must have at least one and no more than fifty shareholders;
  • A private company must have at least one director;
  • A private company's articles must restrict the right to transfer its shares, and prohibit any offer to the public for the subscription of any shares or debentures of the company. A private company cannot, therefore, be listed on the stock exchange. A private company cannot issue share warrants or bearer shares;
  • The quorum for a meeting is two shareholders for a private company (except in the case of a one-person company), unless the articles provide otherwise;
  • The voting rights of shareholders of a private company must be determined by the articles or as set out in a shareholders agreement.
  • Must have its annual financial statements audited.

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